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Advertising on Where's My Moola is quick, simple and affordable.

Choose between option 1 and option 2 below, then choose the banner size and location you wish to have your adverts displayed.



Option 1 - Fixed monthly charge. Irrespective of how many page views your advert gets, you will be charged a fixed fee for the month.

Option 2 - CPM (Cost Per Thousand). Your advert will be shown until the page views purchased is reached. There is no time limit.



Banner Sizes and Locations

Banner Size Top (Under Main Menu) Left Sidebar Right Sidebar Bottom
234 x 60

468 x 60

200 x 200

300 x 250

125 x 125
120 x 600

160 x 600

Banners can be in jpg,gif or png formats.



Pricing is determined on the Option you have selected, the Banner size, and the location of the banner.

For full pricing options, please contact us using our Contact Us form.


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