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Q - Why does this site exist?
A - For fun

Q - Where did the idea come from?
A - I had a dream about the site and woke up just a little after 2am with the idea in my head. I wondered if it had been done before and did some research to see if someone else had already come up with the idea. The idea has been done before and first started in the US with a site called Wheres George. They have proven that the idea works and that people enjoy tracking their money. So because of my dream and the confirmation that it is very popular in the US, myself and my father set forth developing the site to start tracking money in South Africa.

Q - When did this site start?
A - The site officially went live on the 10th October 2011

Q - Is there a mobile friendly version of Where's My Moola?
A - Yes, most mobile phones will connect to our mobile version automatically, but if for some reason your phone doesn't, you can access the Mobile friendly version of Where's My Moola using the following link -

Q - I can't seem to log in on the mobile site, what's wrong?
A - Make sure you have cookies enabled on your phone.

Q - Do you make money from this site?
A - Firstly, this site is 100% FREE to use for everyone. Servers and bandwidth are expensive so we are trying to bring in a couple bucks from the advertising on the site.

Q - Is it legal to write on South African banknotes?
A - NO, you are not legally allowed to make any markings on South African banknotes and we do NOT encourage you doing this AT ALL!

Q - Do you have a Privacy Policy?
A - Yes, you can access it here

Q - Can I change my personal details without losing all my entries?
A - Yes, you can change any of your details except your username which cannot be changed. You can change these settings under the 'User Menu - Edit my Details'

Q - What will you do with my email address?
A - Firstly, we DO NOT give out your information to ANYONE... EVER. We will use your email address for 2 things: Firstly, we will notify you by email if any of the notes you have entered are re-entered by someone else (known as a 'hit'). Secondly, we will notify you of new and interesting things happening at Where's My Moola. Your email address will never be sold, disclosed, or used to send any kind of SPAM whatsoever.

Q - Should I enter the serial numbers of the notes in UPPER or lower case?
A - It doesn't matter, the system will convert them to the correct format for you

Q - How does the Where's My Moola know what the value of my note is after I type in the serial number?
A - Clever programming :)

Q - Can I use Where's My Moola to track money from other countries?
A - No, we currently only support South African banknotes.

Q - I entered a note last week and I received the same note back this week. The system won't let me enter it again, why?
A - To prevent false hits on notes, we require that the note is found by someone else before you can re-enter it.

Q - How are distances calculated, they don't seem to be accurate?
A - Distances are calculated using the GPS co-ordinates of each Town, the distances between the towns is direct line of site. So although the distances don't seem right, they are accurate to within 10 meters and then rounded to the nearest KM

Q - Why can't I find my location in the drop down menus?
A - The most common problem is that you are looking for your Suburb name and not the Town. Where's My Moola is currently designed to allow you to enter the Town, we may look into creating suburbs in the future. If you are sure that your Town is not listed, please use the Contact Us page to let us know and we will rectify it.

Q -  What location should I use when entering a note?
A - The location you are currently in when you enter them into the website.

Q - Do you have a user guide with how to find all the information needed to enter a note?
A - Yes, you can find all the information in our User Guide - click here

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