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How To - Registration

The first step to using Wheres My Moola is to create an account. This is totally free and we intend to keep it this way.



Name : This is how we will address you in emails sent to you when someone else finds your banknotes

Username : This is how you will be known publicly when you make the Top 10 lists. This cannot be changed later!

E-mail : The email address you wish to have notifications sent to you.

Password : Choose a password to keep your account safe.

Referred by : If you were referred to Wheres My Moola by someone else, type their username .

Are you human? - In the last textbox you need to enter the numbers and letters you see in the green box. This is to prevent spammers creating an account.


That's it, now hit the 'Register' button and an email will be sent to you asking you to confirm you email address.

The email you receive from us will have a link that you must click on to prove that you own the email address that you entered in the registration page. This is for your safety and will prevent people registering using your email address.


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