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How To -Enter a Note

The  core of Wheres My Moola is entering notes into the system so you can see where it has been and get notified when someone else finds your note.

The 'Enter a Note' menu option can be found under the 'User Menu' and is only visible after you have logged in.


Enter a Note


Location : This is the location you are in when you enter the note in Wheres My Moola.

Serial Number : The serial number of your banknote can be found on the back of the note. It will look something like this 'XX0000000X"

Governor : The current South African banknotes will have one of three Governors signatures on the front of the note. This can be found on the bottom left.

Condition : This is for you to rank the note that you currently have.

Comments : Tell us how you got this note. Was it change from lunch? Did you get it as a gift? Did you find it? Let us know.

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