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How To - Note History

The 'Note History' Menu item will show you all the notes you have entered into Wheres My Moola and will show you who else has found your notes.


Note History


As seen in the above image, you can see the Denomination of your note, The serial number (which has been blanked out here to prevent false entries), and the Governor that signed your note.

You will also see the Province and Town that the note was entered followed by the date and how many km's your note has travelled.


Note History


In the above image, you can see a note that has been entered 3 times by different people. The first entry was done in Gauteng-Randburg, the second entry was done by you (which is marked with the '*' next to the entry) and was found in Gauteng-Carletonvile. This means the note had travelled 29km. It was then found a 3rd time in Gauteng Benoni resulting in another 19km of travelled distance.

In the above pictures, we have blanked out the user comments, but these would be visible on your 'Note History' page.

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