CONGRATULATIONS to Haras from Kempton Park for being the first person to reach Elephant status (2,000 points). WELL DONE Haras!!!

User Guidelines

All users of Where's My Moola must agree to and abide by these guidelines
Any user violating these rules can have their account suspended or terminated without warning.

  • Natural Circulation

The purpose of Where's My Moola is to track where your money has been and where it goes after you spend it. After you have entered the note into Where's My Moola you should spend the money in the normal course of everyday life. Giving it to friends, family, colleagues for the sole purpose of entering it into the system again violates the purpose and validity of the entry.

  • Bill Marking (Writing on banknotes)

Marking or writing anything on a South African banknote is illegal. We will not take any responsibility for anyone writing, marking or defacing any South African banknotes for any reason whatsoever.

  • User account Termination

Any user that abuses this website by entering fake banknotes, generating fake hits, entering banknotes that they don't personally have in their possession at the time of entering into the system, or for any misuse or abuse of the site or any harassment of other users or staff, entirely at the sole discretion of Where's My Moola management, can have their accounts disabled or totally removed from the system without warning.

  • Deleting your account

Please use the Contact Us form and supply us with your real name, username and your password and we will remove any trace of you ever being here, If you wish to you have your account deleted for any reason.

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