CONGRATULATIONS to Haras from Kempton Park for being the first person to reach Elephant status (2,000 points). WELL DONE Haras!!!

User Levels (Points)

To add a little bit of fun to the site, we have included milestones for you to reach as you enter notes in Where's My Moola.



Points Level Image is seen on...
1 Cape Sparrow 1c
2 Fish Eagle 2c
5 Blue Crane 5c
10 Arum Lily 10c
20 Protea 20c
50 Strelitzia 50c
100 Springbok R1
200 Kudu R2
500 Wildebeest R5
1,000 Rhino R10
2,000 Elephant R20
5,000 Lion R50
10,000 Buffalo R100
20,000 Leopard R200



How do you get points?

1 point is given for registering on Where's My Moola

1 point is given each time you log in

5 points are given for each note that you enter into Where's My Moola


How else can I get points?

10 points are given for each person that you refer to Where's My Moola (see here for details)

2 points are given to YOU for each note that is entered by someone you have referred



You register with Where's My Moola (1 point)

You enter your first note (5 points)

You tell your best friend Bob about Where's My Moola and he registers using your referrer code (10 points)

Bob enters his first note (2 points)

Total Points - 18 points

Level - Arum Lily


Note: For every note that Bob now enters into Where's My Moola, you will receive 2 points, so the more people you refer, the quicker you will reach Leopard status




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