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South African Money

The South African Rand is the official currency of South Africa represented by the symbols "R" for Rands, and "c" for Cents.

The South African Rand is referenced internationally by the code "ZAR" which is from the Dutch abbreviation for Zuid-Afrikaanse Rand. The Rand consists of banknotes and coins which are managed by the Reserve Bank of South Africa, established in 1912 and issued it's first banknote in 1922.

The Reserve Bank takes great pride in the banknotes it creates and has this to say about them "Banknotes serve not only as a medium of payment, but are a window on the country, its people, heritage and culture. Often regarded as second only to the national flag, banknotes reflect the pride and aspirations of a nation and its people." excerpt taken from the Reserve Banks website

There are 12 security features to ensure that South African banknotes are safeguarded to minimise the risk of counterfeiting.


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