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South African 5c coin to be discontinued

It was announced yesterday that the South African 5 cent coin is to be discontinued on the 1st April 2012.

The Mint has already discontinued the 1c and 2c coins back in 2002, and as of next year the 5c coin will be joining the list of discontinued coins in South Africa.

Further to the announcement, the 10c coin will also be going through a make-over. The new 10c coin will be the same size as the current 10c coin however it will now be manufactured with copper-plated steel instead of the current bronze-plated steel. This is to reduce cost of production of the coins. Nothing has been mentioned about a new design.

If you have any good condition 5c and 10c coins, now is the time to save them. You don't want to be telling your kids about the coins, you want to show them the coins.

If you wish to have a proof set of all the coins currently in circulation, now would be a good time to buy one from a coin dealer or directly from Coin World (The Mint).

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